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JR Taikai 

join us for our inaugural Jr Taikai

Date: TBD

Location: North Seattle Church 2150 N 122nd St. Seattle, WA 98133
Eligibility: PNKF members 18 years old and under
(Tentative) Divisions:

  • 10 and under

  • 11 and 12

  • 13 to 15

  • Boys 16+

  • Girls 15+

  • Mixed Teams

Age cut off: under 19 years old on the day of Taikai

Register with your dojo leadership, or contact Tory Kim (

Entrance Fee: TBD


10 and Under:

1st: T. Tanimura (Edmonds)

2nd: N. Kim (Northwest)

3rd: S. Nakayama (Camas), H. Johnson (Seattle)

1st: C. Kim (Northwest)

2nd: J. Takeuchi (Camas)

3rd: S. Lee (Bellevue), K. Sato (Kirkland)


1st: M. Tanimura (Edmonds)

2nd: S. Johnson (Seattle)

3rd: I. Ohashi (Obukan), O. Kaufman (Portland)

Girls 15+:

1st: Nina Underhill (Northwest)

2nd: I. Chen (Bellevue)

3rd: S. Jeon (Bellevue)

Boys 15+:
1st: A. Yuen (Seattle)

2nd: A. Mabale (Seattle)

3rd: S. Kim (Seattle), J. Yu (Northwest)


1st: S. Nakayma (Camas), H. Johnson (Seattle), I. Ohashi (Obukan), Ju. Kiyohara (Fed Way), A. Mabale (Seattle)

2nd: T. Tanimura (Edmonds), N. Kim (Northwest), O. Lucero (Kent), Jo. Kiyohara (Fed Way), D. Shilov (Bellevue)

3rd: M. Miyamoto (Northwest), S. Lee (Bellevue), I. Wiley (Portland), S. Johnson (Seattle), N. Underhill (Northwest)

3rd: R. Lee (Bellevue), C. Kim (Northwest), O. Kaufman (Portland), L. Naylor (Bellevue), R. Faso (Bellevue), A. Field (Fed Way)

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